I am a technical consultant specialising in Government and Law Enforcement Solutions.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Karen listened to our needs and values to create a website that would allow us to provide in-house content management. She provided excellent support to the point that we are confident in our ability to provide direct messaging through three platforms. CSPS added Facebook and Twitter to its engagement strategy and Karen’s recommendations and guidance have improved our communication with residents.

Central Saanich Police Service has greatly benefited from the use of social media and we cannot thank Karen enough for her ongoing support.

Katie Charlton
Katie CharltonExecutive CoordinatorCentral Saanich Police Service

Knowledgeable, dependable and quick to respond to questions. Good listener who takes the time to understand our organization’s needs. Would (and have) recommend this company to any other small to medium sized business seeking to develop an easy to use website.

BabaraOak Bay Police Department

Always available and quick response time. very helpful and accommodating. Staff have great knowledge of drupel.

J Gavriel
J GavrielMinistry of AgricultureProduction Guides

Organized, relatable, timely project delivery … Cordecca is top notch. The end result was everything we needed and more. Thank you Cordecca!

Karyn French
Karyn FrenchGreater Victoria Police Victim Services

I highly recommend working with Karen.

I have known Karen since 2008, when she moved to Canada and enrolled in a Web Development Diploma program at Q College. Since then she has worked for me in 3 of the companies that I co-founded and co-own (North Studio, Q College, Stikky Media) and helped establish a 4th (Digital Business Intelligence). Karen has worked for these companies in every role from developer to instructor to project manager to account manager to vice president and president.  Karen is an excellent team member and a great asset. Her work ethic and dedication are second to none. She has an analytical mind and excels at finding solutions to problems and I would highly recommend working with her.

Dieter Gerhard
Dieter GerhardCEONorth Studio

I have been working with Karen Smallwood for over a decade. Karen comes equipped with a strong background in all areas of the tech sector and has the creative touch to find the most efficient and effective solutions in any given situation. You can count on Karen to value your business and show this by her great attention to detail and responsiveness. I am happy to highly recommend Karen!

Candace Bates
Candace BatesSenior Project ManagerNorth Studio

Karen has the very highest technical skills and  works tremendously hard. She maintains the very highest level of business ethics and I would recommend Karen to anyone that wants to work with her.

Richard Yeomans
Richard YeomansCEOFlight Crew Finder

Here is a list of things I can do for you


I consult with you and your team to find out your goals and considerations along with where you are at now.


I review what you are currently doing along with the latest industry standards. I analyse how your current efforts are performing for you and highlight any areas where you should be engaged but are not currently.


I formulate a comprehensive plan that brings together the outcomes of our consultation& analytics and builds on them by mapping out what the information means to you and what you should do. The strategy brings in any industry guidelines, best practices and training related information and is outlined in a clear and concise manner.


I can support your team and setup any elements that you need. Support can be Drupal or marketing focused and I can fill in any current gaps you have – I can also train your team to fill those gaps in the future.


Investing in the long-term aptitude of your in-house team can ensure your business does not fall behind. I can help with Drupal training, Analytics or Marketing whichever you team needs the most.

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