Karen Smallwood

Who I am

My name is Karen Smallwood and I am a problem solver. I do everything from marketing to design to development to training and I have leveraged the skills I have learned over the years to offer my services to assist others in areas they may be having trouble with. Over the years I have worked in Government, Law Enforcement, Research and Development so I have a wide skill base and can find innovative solutions to almost any problem. 

Mountain View

What I do

I am a strong problem solver who thrives on a challenge. Let me help you solve your problems!

I have an analytic mind and I constantly analyze and refine to find solutions to problems. My background in investigation and intelligence has helped hone this skill to identify solutions to all kinds of problems and help refine process to increase ROI. Like a mountain, no problem is insurmountable.

Writing Pad


My background and experience is exreemly varied as you will be able to see from my work history. I have a thirst for knowlege and enjoy undertaking new things and you can see from my training below, I have has a wide and varied work life which has only served me well in my problem solving roles.

    Jake Rock


    Pretty much everything inspires me. I am always thinking how could that be done better or is there a new innovative way to solve that problem. The world is always evolving and so is my thought process. My motivators are my family and friends (and of couse my Husky - Jake)