Karen Smallwood

About Me

I am a motivated self started who strives on challenges. Sometimes referred to as a "Pioneer" or even an "INTJ" type (depending on which test you are referring to) but the outcome is always the same. I have the ability to see solutions where others find obstacles and I use this ability wherever I can.

Intrapeneur and Entrepeneur - I run companies from within in addition to starting new ventures. I love identifying gaps in the market and finding solutions to those gaps and I thrive on the challenge of helping others to do the same.

My Background

Coredeca Consulting Inc

Coredeca (2017 - 2017 )

Owner Operator

North Studio

North Studio (2008 - 2017 )

Part owner


Serious Organised Crime Agency (2006 - 2008 )

Project Manager

  • Project management of specialist surveillance assets 
  • Strategy development for use of mobile technology for evidential gain
  • Departmental lead for new and emerging surveillance technologies
  • Building new asset management database and integration cross departments
  • Departmental representation on multi agency working groups
  • Co-ordination of nationwide surveillance assets

Customs & Excise (2002 - 2006 )

Specialist Investigator

  • Provision of specialist surveillance and surveillance capability
  • Provision of counter surveillance for specialist departments
  • Line management of team members
  • Provision of specialist surveillance training to UK Government and Foreign Agencies
  • Technical surveillance instruction
  • Departmental representation on multi agency working groups
  • Project management of multi agency strategy involving use of RFID technology

QinetiQ (2000 - 2002 )

Scientific Officer

  • Solutions specialist IT projects
  • Provision of bespoke IT solutions to Counter Terrorist and Special Forces
  • Specialist IT research and development
  • Process Analysis and research of tactical solutions for national and local Police Forces
  • Presentation of documentation and reports to UK Government
Intelligence Corps

Intelligence Corps (1996 - 2000 )

Operator Intelligence & Security

  • Collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of intelligence
  • Presentation of briefings, maps, charts and reports
  • Assessment of accuracy of information and reliability of sources
  • Post incident analysis and implementation of lessons learnt
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Security Surveys and Interviews
  • Counter Intelligence investigations and reviews
  • Instruction on interview techniques